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Custom Electrical Fabrication

3L2R is one of the leading specialist companies in providing electrical contractors, utility companies, field service groups, and wholesalers with efficient custom electrical fabrication. Our custom electrical fabrication process is environmentally friendly and allows for the continued use of tested, and CSA approved equipment. 3L2R provides in-house custom electrical fabrication for new and existing electrical equipment while meeting your company’s specifications. 3L2R hires professionally-trained, certified, and knowledgeable custom electrical fabrication technicians that can refurbish and restore electrical equipment, to look, and work like new, at a rate that would suit your budget. The staff at 3L2R work to perfect our custom electrical fabrication services and give the most exceptional results possible. Within Ontario, we serve many different parts and continue to expand our custom electrical fabrication services to reach more sectors of North America

Contact us today to find an economical custom service that suits your needs.

Our website is coming soon!

Phone: 519.629.0152

Email: sales@3l2r.com

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